About Shira...

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Working with children and babies has always been my passion. I completed my certificate and Diploma in Children’s services and spent 12 years working as a childcare educator, with a focus on teaching music.

Through this, I was driven to a need to help those bleary eyed exhausted parents who could not seem to get their child into a routine or to sleep, whether day or night. My strong belief is that routine whether strict or flexible is directly linked to happier, healthier and well rested children and parents.

Completing a certificate of infant and child sleep consultancy, I have increased my knowledge in this field immensely and I have had the pleasure of guiding and working alongside parents to be able to give them and their child the most wonderful gift of sleep.

I do not believe in a one size fits all approach.  Each child is provided with a personalised sleep assessment and plan to suit their personality and parenting style.

If you are having trouble or need support with;
*Night sleep
*Wanting to establish a flexible or strict routine
*Early morning wake ups
*Wanting to wean your child off a swaddle/dummy
*Extending Naps
*Cat Napping
*Late bedtimes
*Teaching self-settling skills
*Getting your newborn to sleep
*A feed to sleep association
*Toddler not staying in bed
*Transitioning to a cot/bed

I'd love to help you and your baby get the sleep and sanity you deserve and truly need.