Feedback from well rested parents and children

"I contacted Shira after trying a 'one size fits all' sleep training method. My husband and I were so caught up in following all the steps, we couldn't understand why my daughter wasn't sleeping through the given nap times, and waking so early in the morning.
Contacting Shira was the best solution. She provided a fresh perspective and a personalized schedule for my baby. My daughter adapted quickly, and hasn't protested at sleep time since.
Shira took the time to understand what style parents we are, and subsequently provided a sleep method we felt confident to implement.
I really appreciated how prompt she was at answering my questions, making it easy to 'fix up' at the next nap.

Thank you Shira!"

I highly recommend for any parents in need of assistance! -and logic, at a time where it's hard to think clearly;)"

M. Werdiger

"Wow, I can hardly believe it's only been a week since we met Shira, and since our 20 month old toddler was only falling asleep in my arms day and night, and ultimately spending most nights in our bed. Now she goes to sleep on her own, with no resistance, and the few times she has woken she has successfully put herself back to sleep on her own.
What I love most about Shira's approach is that she takes the time to understand your individual parenting style and will recommend a settling technique that you are comfortable with. She is completely respectful of your choices, and will encourage you to listen to your own instinct and adapt things as you go to suit you.
She was, and still is, extremely prompt at replying to any follow up queries we have had."

N. Granek

"Shira was amazing!! I was struggling with my little man waking up between 2-5 times every night! I never thought I would ever start "sleep training" with him, I was sure it's only CIO that could work, and I knew it would be too hard for me to listen to him crying. Shira understood me and didn't push me into something I didn't want or believe, instead she showed me there are others ways. Within a week my 10 month old baby was sleeping through!! I just couldn't believe it was real...
What was really amazing with Shira is that she kept supporting me throughout the whole process, always there on time to answer any of me questions.
So thank you Shira!! You have changed our lives!"


"We can not recommend Shira highly enough, our little boy was waking every few hours at night and we were so confused as to how often and much he was meant to be sleeping during the day, nothing seemed to be working. Shira crafted a new routine specifically tailored to our babies needs & personality and we saw incredible results almost immediately, it was so fascinating to see how a few minor changes saw such huge results. Shira provided an incredibly professional yet personal service and could not have gone to more detail nor effort to ensure we were achieving our sleeping goals. We now have a much happier baby who is sleeping like a little angel both day & night. Thank you so much Shira you have also given me back confidence and some much needed sleep.. X"

E. Keir