Find the package that suits your needs.

Phone Consultation - $175

For long distance clients and those requiring just a little personal guidance

This is a 45 -60 minute phone consultation to discuss your child’s sleep issue. Together we will come up with a plan for improvement.
This consult includes an age appropriate flexible or fixed routine and a full written sleep assessment. You will also be provided with a week support and guidance along the way via phone and email.

Daytime Home Visit - $300

2 Hours during the day (Best for newborn-10 months)

During your daytime visit, we will discuss your child’s sleep habits and make recommendations to achieve your sleep goals. This includes; routine, discussion of nutrition and diet, demonstration and support in implementing settling techniques for naps. I will also assess baby’s sleep environment and perhaps make some recommendations of change if necessary.
This consult is great if you are looking for support with naps, extending naps, preventing catnapping, general routine and even discussion of night wake up or early morning wake ups.
This consult also includes a personalised sleep assessment and 2 weeks follow up via email or phone to answer any questions and offer support.

Bedtime Consult - $380

3 hour evening home visit

During this 3 hour visit, we will discuss any sleep issues you are having; your sleep goals and I will make recommendations for a flexible or strict routine depending on your needs and parenting style. I will assess your child’s sleep environment and make recommendations if necessary. We will also discuss nutrition and diet for your child.
During the night time routine I will demonstrate and support you with implementing settling methods for bedtime and night wakings.
I offer constant guidance and explanations throughout my evening with you so you feel supported and reassured. This package includes 2 weeks follow up and questions via phone or email and an individualised sleep assessment.

Long Evening Consult - $600

6 hour evening visit- For that extra bit of support

Same as Evening consult but suited to those with children with frequent night wake ups before 12am. I will be there to support you through bedtime and to help you to settle your baby at each wake up. This package includes 2 weeks follow up and questions via phone or email.

Overnight Visit- Available by request.

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