Avoiding the bedtime battle with your toddler.

My youngest has been quite the challenge lately! We have had a serious case of terrible 2's. She is just so cheeky and seems to think she can get away with absolutely anything because she is hilarious and adorable and her 2 big sister's are constantly encouraging her! BEDTIME is a different story though. Although she attempts to get her way with her new found independence - we always win the bedtime battle. TIPS TO AVOID THE BEDTIME BATTLE WITH A TODDLER. 1- Establish a calm bedtime routine in their bedroom. (In our case it is sleeping bag, 2 books, cuddles and a song) 2- Ensure your toddler

isn't overtired or undertired at bedtime. This is a tricky one and bedtime each night will be different depending on whether they are still napping and for how long. (This is why nap timing is so important.) 3. At this age many toddlers decide they don't want a sleeping bag or take it off themselves. (Putting in on backwards solves this.) Many parents begin using blankets at this stage but more often than not your child will wake cold during the night as the blankets don't stay on. It's worthwhile investing in a sleep suit or return to the sleeping bag for a little longer to ensure warmth overnight. 4. I always recommend keeping your toddler in their cot for as long as possible. Unless they are climbing out in which case is actually dangerous to keep them in the cot. If you are expecting another baby and you have a toddler this doesn't have to be reason to put them into a big bed. A child under 3 years old doesn't actually have the neurological understanding that they need to stay in their beds when it's so easy to come out. Sleep well tonight and Good luck with those cheeky monkeys! 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵